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We do general motor vehicle repair and specialize is exhaust system repair. If your exhaust has failed, we can fix it, no matter if it needs a catalytic converter, a replacement manifold, or of course, another muffler. Broken studs can be exchanged. Since we prefer to cut and fix rather than replace whenever we can, you will find our pricing more than competitive.

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As registered Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State emission inspection station, we provide vehicle checks for emission problem. Other dealers, repair shops, and fleets use our services.

You can purchase most major tire brands you would like from us. Dynamic and road force balancing is provided to increase tire life. Contact us at 717-351-5549 a price.

Estimates are provided upon request for work to be done. The estimate is based on what can be determined before opening the engine and seeing what wear may have occurred. When the engine is opened, then we can give you an accurate estimate. Based on experience in the field we can provide an estimate of the internal damage thereby providing a reasonable top end cost.

Please come by and talk with us about the problem before you. Your problem is our problem. We are happy to exchange thoughts with you on what the issue is to be corrected and how it is done. No issue too small or too large for us. Let's talk!